Kayaking the Sonoran Coast

This is a bit of a blast from the past, but to give my reader(s) a sense of what paddling the Sonoran Coast is like, I have a collection of photos, literally snapshots of my kayaking experience here. So to begin.


My Fleet

This is an earlier picture of my fleet of boats. On top is a 17′ Nipissing canoe (red), which I brought with me from Northern Ontario when I moved to Vancouver. Beside the canoe is a Greenland-style seal-hunting kayak (white), which I built in Vancouver with the help of an instructor.Super-light and nimble, she has a wooden frame and a ballistic nylon shell, painted with Hypalon, which is what coats high-quality rubber dinghies.

Below those, in two tiers of three, are my Seaward Southwinds tandem kayaks.  These boats are heavy but they paddle well, and can carry a big load for long expeditions.

I have since added three single kayaks to my fleet. Pix to come.


Punta las Cuevas

This young couple is passing through a cave I call the elevator. Waves enter from both ends, and if you sit a moment in the middle you will ride up and down with each passing swell..


taking it easy

Winds are light, but with the sailing rig you get a little push, and a welcome rest from paddling. Who said kayaking has to be work?


Blue-footed boobies

It’s not hard to find the roosting sites of these beautiful birds. Watching them dive on a school of sardines is a spectacular sight.


entering a cave

The rugged coast is pocked with caves, some of which are large enough to enter and get out of the sun for a moment. Watch those rocks!

Shore lunch

This is a group of great people who I was lucky to enjoy a ten-day expedition with. In this shot we have pulled ashore to make some lunch. The sails make a convenient patch of shade and we are eating ceviche made from fish we caught only moments before landing.


This scene isn’t much different from the previous one. I just love it. Here we are taking a lunch break along a section of the coast which is one long beach for miles.


Lizard says bye for now. More pix coming soon.


About jackwildeadventures

I am a Biologist, a Naturalist, and a Sea Kayak Guide. I live in a beach town on the coast of the Sea of Cortez, with my lovely wife, Lorena.

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